Why any of our leggings or shorts will make you look amazing:

1. Seamless Scrunchbum

Our seamless scrunch bum leggings have no seam at the front or back, sounds crazy right? How do we get that scrunch then?

The scrunch on our leggings is actually a unique knitting technique (see point #4) designed to pull into the centre of the bum once they're on with no loose fabric wrinkling on the bum. The issue that most people haven't liked when they have tried scrunch bum leggings is they have a seam that is ruched. What happens is if you don't have a large enough bum to fill out the leggings, these types of leggings will actually make your bum look flat/saggy due to the loose fabric because of the ruching. See the pictures below to compare, both models are fit and have great perky bums however our seamless items look far more flattering.

2. High waistband

We have double-sided ribbed waistbands on all our items, our waistbands will start just below the stomach pouch area and usually end just above the belly button. We love a long waistband as it holds in the lower stomach and comes up high enough that it hugs the waist helping to create that hourglass shape.

3. No front seam

No front seam means, no front wedgy/camel toe which generally occurs due to the seam riding up the front. Now we have on rare occasions found seamless leggings as they are so firm fitting and may lightly outline your nether regions but you can simply pull the front crutch down a little bit or try wearing a thicker fabric g-string. This is one of our favs Bonds Seamless Gee



Seamless vs Not Srunchbum

4. Seamless Fabric

When you hold up a pair of our leggings they will look tiny, however, once you pull them on, the 4-way stretch seamless knit fabric allows them to hug your body in all the right places leaving little to no loose fabric.

Seamless refers to garments that are knitted with a microfiber yarn along a circular tube knitting machine so the garment is entirely made on the machine. Unlike most garments you buy that are cut into pieces from a larger piece of fabric.
This allows us to implement different knitting techniques throughout your garments for example firm ribbed waistband or cutouts. This also allows for the knitting technique to be implemented into the fabric for the scrunch bum effect more effectively.


Seamless garments are better for the environment as there is little to no wastage in production as each piece is made specifically to size unlike cut/sew which has a lot of offcuts. Also as the items are entirely made on a machine there is little chance for any error resulting in less faulty items for your, our customers.

As the item is a knit, treat it like a pair of stockings, if you nick is on something and create a hole there is a high chance of a run occurring in the knit. To avoid this be careful putting your leggings on if you have sharp/pointy nails and when you wash your items avoid placing them in a machine with items that have zippers or hooks.

If you ever have a faulty item within 6 months of purchase please let us know via email with a photo of the fault and we will send you a replacement pair.